Cafeteria rule aimed at PRIDE

Grace Vanderhei, Chief editor

Lunch period is an anticipated time for many students as it represents a break from classes and a place to socialize with friends. However, a newly enforced policy this year prevents more than six students from sitting at a particular table at once. The limited table rule was developed in affiliation with our PRIDE principles, particularly respect and personal responsibility.

Assistant Principal Hans Nelson said, “It was noted that these tables that had more than six often had difficulty maintaining some of the PRIDE principles of leaving no trace, using a respectful level of volume, as well as other minor behavioral transgressions.”

The decision to invoke the table policy was on behalf of various concerns from staff. Nelson, as well as his colleagues, worked to find a solution to the issues they held about the lunchrooms. Allowing six people per table was their solution. Staff members hope that the stricter enforcement of an appropriate seating arrangement will resolve these issues.

Not only is the new seating arrangement solves a problem conflicting with our PRIDE principals, but the newly enforced rule also prevents a potentially unsafe situation for students.

Nelson said, “The long rectangular tables are split into two sections – with six on a side.  This demonstrated that there was an intended limit to seats by the engineers who designed the tables.”

Despite the positive aspects of the new rule a few students still have some criticisms.

Junior Makayla Schultz claims that the rule targets people with larger friend groups.

Schultz said, “I don’t really care about [the new rule], but some people have big friend groups so that is kind of unfair.”

Other students say that the newly enforced edict has not affected their lunchtime and do not notice much of a difference in the lunchroom.

Regardless of the critiques, Nelson and his staff have noticed improvements already.

Nelson said, “I believe having six to a table has helped create and maintain a productive and safe environment in the cafeteria and commons.”

Nelson thanks the lunch supervisors and students for following the newly enforced guidelines and hopes that they will continue to throughout the duration of the remaining school year.